Top Questions to ask your Web Developer

We all have that next big idea- at least we think we do. We run the idea by our family and friends, fill out the paperwork, buy a domain name and then the thing you’ve been dreading— creating a website. You’ve heard and it is true- it is one of the most expensive and gruesome experience you will face as a business owner. The choices, the layout options, the pricing etc can all be overwhelming and there is never a right answer.

Basic questions to ask y developers:

– Check out sites that are similar to your product. List everything you or even don’t want.

– Call as many designers as possible for a quote. The more people you speak to, the more you become familiar with the right questions and the industry. By your tenth phone call, you’ll sound like an insider and they most definitely won’t take advantage.

– Call clients they’ve used before. You can get a lot information by doing so.

– Check out the web designers previous work. You will most probably receive something close to the same outline and layout.

More detailed questions:

– How well do they incorporate SEO tools in their sites? In other words, are they coding the website in a way where Google and other search engines can spider through and read the information clearly. Your website’s goal should be to come up on search engines organically, with out having to pay.

– Will you get the code to your site once it’s completed. Make sure the code is a standard code and not encrypted. You want the freedom to walk away from this developer at any time with out any problems or penalties.

– Does the quote include developing/coding the site as well as designing it?

– Ask the designer their estimated completion time. The times that number by 2. If they say 6 months, you’ll be lucky if you see anything close to the final draft at 9 months.

These are the basic questions. If you ask these questions, you’ll be on your way to choosing a developer that will give you headaches not migraines. Feel free to comment or email me with any further questions.


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