Template Websites

Almost all business owners want to do everything themselves and that includes their website. There are plenty of websites offering templates to create your own site. But which one is the best? The real answer is none. No one templated website will be able to cater to your business as well as a custom web developer. But there are those templated sites that do a very good job at coming close.

Top 6 things to consider before choosing a template to create your website:

– The site offering the template must have a free trial. You don’t want to be stuck with a product that just doesn’t suit your needs. Use the free trial period and make sure they have templates that work for you.

– Must work with Google and other search engines.

– Must be able to edit the code.

– If their templates look dated then don’t use them. This means they haven’t been updating their system and most probably everything else isn’t updated as well.

– Your template site should not run run solely on flash. Flash sites are not picked up by Google.

– Must have a help department that can answer your questions. Phone, chat or email . Test to see what their response time is.

No one template will be perfect but it will be the easiest way to get your site up and running in record time. Eventually when your business becomes a success, you can hire a developer.


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