Idea Overload


Each day we come up a new business idea to pursue. The biggest problem most entrepreneurs have (including myself) is deciding which of our ‘genius’ ideas to go after. Here are 5 tips to help decide which idea to pursue.

1. Write ALL your ideas on a board or large piece of paper. I use the inside of a closet door. This should be something you see everyday.

2. Research everything there is to know about the topic of your idea- everything! Then write it on your door.

3. Each time you have an idea or a thought about the idea, jot it down on the board or paper.

4. Run your ideas by everyone. Don’t worry that they’ll steal your idea. See which idea they gravitate to more and learn from their point of view.

5. By this time you should be able to narrow down the ‘right’ idea based on the amount of notes you wrote. Which idea is overloaded with information? Which idea have you been looking at everyday and jotting notes down? Which idea have you gravitated more too?

It’s not the idea that’s genius,  it’s the person behind it.


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