Unique Uniqlo

If you live, work or traveled to NYC in the past few months, it would be extremely difficult to ignore the extreme mass marketing campaign by Uniqlo. Uniqlo is a clothing store  that caters to the budget- friendly fashionistas. Their marketing plan was both intriguing yet textbook- place ads EVERYWHERE!

The first part of their campaign was placing billboards all over the city- from highly populated areas all the way to the streets that have parking. The next was their subway station campaign. Their ads were on walls, turnstiles, and the  interior and exterior of each carriage. The idea of placing it on each turnstile is genius! Uniqlo is the first to do so in NYC subways and  it forces all 4.3 million subway riders each day to not only glance but wonder – ‘What is this? This turnstile used to be plain as day and now this ad is dressing it up with an advertisement….Not only that, come to think of it, I’ve been seeing this ad a lot- what is it?’ (At least this was what I thought.) After so many years of the same marketing campaign, Uniqlo came up with a new way to reach consumers. I welcome this subway addition because it  brings life to the concrete, metal theme of the subway stations. Not to mention, it let’s business pay to replace old subway furniture.

Their ad reminded me of 2 similar campaigns. Van Wagner had billboards that just advertised their name and their website address- that’s it.  When I saw the ad, I do remember wondering what type of company this was. At the end of the day, I still remember the name and was extremely intrigued by their lack-of-information billboard, but I still don’t know what they do.

The second similar campaign was Zappos. They placed an ad in each one of the baskets used when going through airport security. Genuis! I found out they donated each basket to the airport so they were able to write it off as a donation and hit each consumer one by one. Uniqlo did the same by placing ads in each turnstile.

Uniqlo sure had their unique marketing campaign. From billboards to subway station turnstiles, they made us aware of their store very quickly. Their tactics resemble those of Van Wagner with the lack-of-information ads and of Zappos who went one by one to each consumer. Was Uniqlo’s campaign a success? I’m blogging about them before they had their NY store’s one year anniversary so you decide.



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