Product Display can Make or Break the Sale


Posting products to eBay and Amazon is not as easy as it sounds. One of the most important and time consuming aspect of the e-commerce process are the images. The customer’s first impression of your item is from the picture alone, leaving you abut 2 seconds to make or break the sale. Here are few ways to make your item impressionable.

– Use a solid color background to photograph your items. Taking a picture of your item laying on your bedspread just won’t cover it.

– Show the size of the product by placing a coin or a ruler near the item. This will make you look a lot more professional and of course legit. Plus, the customer gets a better idea of the product and they’re less likely to return it.

– Your images should in a low resolution. No need for high resolution images for the internet. Takes too long to load and greater chance of losing your customer’s interest before they even see the item.

Making your images more enticing will most likely lead to more sales.


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