It’s War – Blackberry vs iPhone

Blackberry vs iPhone

These days, if you’re not on a smartphone your not on. Smartphones have taken over our lives putting a mini computer at the palm of our hands. The first major smartphone hit was the Blackberry. BBM-ing was the new texting.  Blackberry did what it intended- it made people and especially businessmen’s lives easier with the simple to navigate setup and email system. As technology advanced, Blackberry stood still and it can no longer hold on just with BBM. With iPhone being sold through many carriers, their market opens widely giving Blackberry their first real competition. People wanted and started to expect more from their phone and Blackberry just wasn’t keeping up. The process of downloading an app on Blackberry was cool and unchartered territory. How many of us didn’t even use Blackberry World. Then, the iPhone comes along and downloading an app became as casual as texting- and to top it all off your phone didn’t freeze!

Teenagers and young adults jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. And then it trickled – EVERYONE had one! Even businessmen! It became just as important to have the ability to download apps as it did to receiving emails. iPhone became the new business phone because of all it offered and Blackberry is on the verge of bankruptcy because of all that it doesn’t.


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