Small Business Upset

Read an article on yesterday and it made an interesting point about small business and customer service. Lately, we as customers have been trusting small business more and more each day. We tend to prefer small business because of their flexible options and more attention to detail.  Customer service should be on that list but ove the past few months I’ve been dealing with small business that are on the rise and they are truly overlooking customer service.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had to deal with small businesses attempting to rip me off. A 3 year old cloud service company pulled the old bait and switch move on me. I confronted them and after about 20 emails (no joke, 20 emails) they offered me 3 months free. Still not satisfied and I think they should have done their best to make me happy. They are a small company hoping to grow- no reason a customer should have a bad taste in their mouth.  Couple of weeks later, a domain company asked me if I wanted to test out their website templates. I said send me email with more information but instead they ended up signing me up and charging my credit card. When I asked them to remove charge, they claimed they are unable too. When I heard this line from them, I knew they were full of it and they lost total respect from me. Why would a small company put their reputation on the line over $50?  Blame management, blame HR – doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, the number one priority should be their customers. They are the only ones that will keep you in business. One unhappy customer leads to many more.

Based on my own experience customers know when they are being jerked around – bend over backwards and be honest with them.


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