Duane Reade vs Macy’s

Duane Reade Revamps

Duane Reade Revamps

I stepped into a Duane Reade in NYC’s Union Square to pick up a quick water bottle. It was anything but quick. The store was well laid out, the design was crisp and modern and it just made me want to buy something. It can honestly be compared to a Target, or a Macy’s (certain parts).  Instead of going straight to the refrigerators and then the cash register as I normally would do, I decided to walk around and explore  The shelves were neatly stacked and each item was popping off the shelves! I took a closer look and noticed mini lights above each item-  not each rack- each item. This small aspect really did change the feel of the item, the showcase and of course my thoughts of the item. Pure genius. I took another turn and my mouth dropped- there was an entire corner of the store dedicated to makeup, lotions, face washes. A women’s dream with out stepping into a crowded Sephora or under staffed Macy’s. There were stools, mirrors, and products everywhere .Imagine going to Duane Reade to get you makeup done before an event! Just as the mini-Sephora episode started to sink in I notice the ‘Brew York City’ section of the store. You won’t believe this- they brew their own beer! Now this I took a few minutes to look at because the layout, the bottles stacked on the wall, the colors and feeling of this entire section was brilliant. I don’t like beer but for the first time I was compelled to drink it. I needed to be part of this brilliancy. I would love the honor to speak with the person or group who came up with the idea to make a high end drug store catering to both men and women in a sleek and modern manner.


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