Soda Stream’s Has My Attention


Move over Coke, there’s a new game in town. Soda Stream is a machine that let’s you make your own soda at home by carbonating water and adding one of their many different syrup flavors. The greatest part about this machine is it’s easy- and thats the first thing they tell you.
I was walking Wegman’s and at the end of the aisle was entire section dedicated to Soda Stream.  They had a video explaining the 2 step process so each shopper was able to know and understand what the item was by time they got to the next aisle-all in three seconds.  Soda Stream believes that if soda-drinking consumer’s understand what it is, they would buy it. So take note- when marketing your products- explain to the consumer what it is, it’s capabilities and how it works.  Almost makes me want to start drinking soda again- props to you, Soda Stream!



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