What you can Learn from Stuffing Envelopes

Eric Ries, author of the book The Lean Startup brought up a very interesting point.

Question: Would the process of addressing, stamping, stuffing and sealing newsletters be quicker if complete each envelope one at a time or as complete each process separately?

Answer: Stuffing one envelope at a time gets the job done faster.
Why? Take into account the extra time required to sort, stack and move around the large piles of half complete envelopes- you’re technically not saving any time by separating the process. Also, by completing one full envelope at a time you are given the chance to encounter any problems right away- like the envelope being to small for the newsletter. If done each job at a time, you wouldn’t know this until after most of the work was done.

The Lean Startup is a great book for entrepreneurs-  both existing and in the making. It will help save you a lot of money and time.

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