Three Things to Consider Before Launching a Product

I saw this article on Mashable. I summarized and added a few notes.

1. Make sure people want it make sure have a an base that it’s a real problem that people need solved. Hit the pavement. Speak to potential buyers potential users your target market. Creating a pro to type is also good. The lean startup by Eric ries states that starting a business is expensive and the way to make sure you don’t waste any money or time, see if there’s a market for it. Create the most simplest form of your product whether it be a  baby carriage or software. Break it down to the bare bones and see if consumer want it. Youll also get useful feedback. You might have thought your customers want one thing but they might just not care about that but something a lot simpler cheaper and easier to create. Eliminate any potential wasted energy

2. Create a buzz worthy story.  Captivate your customers w a story worthy of them repeating. As I had blogged about before and this article mentions it, warty Parker has created a brand so unique you want to tell people about it. Recommend to them to check out the store and visit their website.  The shave club created a brilliant video to help capture their consumer and it went viral. Hello flo did the same thing using a teenage girl experiencing her period for the first time.
3. Transparency tell your customers where you’re product is from and how it’s made. Educate them. Not only does it give them a better idea about you, your company and the product but it installs trust in your customer.
100% leather can only go a long way. If you show and prove to the customer that’s it’s purely leather they’ll be more likely to buy it. I’ve been seeing a lot more companies especially clothing companies showing the consumer how their product is created from the factories overseas to the final product in their ny showroom. Reminds me of Starbucks and how transparent they have always been. Starbucks is not a bad company to emulate.

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