I’d Really Like to Meet Howard Shultz

There aren’t too many CEO’s that I know off hand but howard Schultz of Starbucks truly stands out. I read the book about Starbucks a few years ago and he impressed me. H hasn’t stopped. This past holiday season they rolled out for the second season a premium Starbucks reward card. For $400, customers get $450 worth of Starbucks credit. We’re not talking chump change here. Even if your an avid coffee drinker, spending $400 on a Starbucks card is expensive.  To further promote this card, they played the supply and  demand game by only putting 1000 cards in circulation. If you got one, it placed you in an ‘elite’ club. The card is special not only because you get $50 free but because it’s ‘completely handmade and features an artisan rose metal vase with rose colored coating. Starbucks lettering is laser etched on the front’. Starbucks is finding ways to stay fresh and keep customers walking in. Looking forward to what they will come up with next.

c/o Business Week


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