Amazing Amazon – Delivers Items before you Order it!

Jeff Bezos is pushing the bar yet again. A few months ago we heard that Amazon will allocate all advertising money to shipping so products arrive quicker to customers. Then we heard about drones that will deliver certain products with in a half hour. Now, Amazon wants to deliver products BEFORE you order it. Based on previous history, Amazon claims they can predict what items we will buy. Most online shopping sites will recommend products to their customers through email or social networks. But never has a retailer come out and not only predict personal buying habits but actually ACT on those predictions. Essentially, they are beating their competition before the customer decides they even want the product. Amazon gets it:  they get it that they are a business, they get that they need to be on their toes, they get that anyone can put them out of business at any moment. Most of all, they get that they have to be on top of their game at every moment in order to stay in the game.   Amazon is brilliant in finding ways to make their user experience easy and care free by eliminating those nuances of shopping online.

And some people are uncomfortable with how much information Google has about us…


One response to “Amazing Amazon – Delivers Items before you Order it!”

  1. Ebusiness Guru says :

    Amazon is one of the pioneers in Online Retail. Its fast growing customer base has shown immense growth in sales and revenues. I just started my blog a few days ago and require help reaching an audience. Thanks!

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