How they Gained 10,000 Customers in 6 Weeks


In just six weeks, Pointhound, a hotel booking platform managed to spend absolutely nothing on their 10,000 customers.  They did so by having their existing customers recommend new customers. For every customer recommendation, both parties ‘earn loyalty points or frequent flier miles and transfer them into one of 11 loyalty programs such as American Airlines AAdvantage or Virgin America Elevate. And if you don’t care about miles you can even funnel points into your My Best Buy account and save up to buy stuff at the big box retailer.’

Each market has a lot of noise and it’s never easy for a startup to gain attention but by using and pushing existing customers to tell their friends, is an easy and free way to market your product. The amount of money that companies spend in order to ‘buy’ one customer is a lot more than startups can normally handle. Why not have them work for you once you’ve bought them already. See what you’re business can do to gain customers using ones you have.

For more, you can read the article at


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