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Winter Beach Display

Marshall’s displayed this beach theme in the middle of winter. It was hard to picture a warm sunny day while the wind chill is below zero yet it put a smile on my face thinking of the warm summer days that will ultimately make an appearance.

eProduct Photography Marshalls Beach Display


An Eye for an Eye

Tom’s and Warby Parker are the major companies matching each purchase with a donation. It’s a clever marketing tool, allowing the customer to feel good and all wholesome inside for making a purchase. Target recently jumped on board going beyond shoes and glasses. This tactic is a selling tool yet it’s helping to change the world. I’m all for it.

eProduct Photography Target ; Eye for an Eye

Printing your Makeup?


Yes, you read it correctly. Printing your eye shadow is now possible using Mink. Click on link below to see a video of Mink and how it has the chance to impact the cosmetics industry.

The Most Unexpected Tool for Hiring


They used what? Eggs. Yes, eggs. BigCommerce opened in San Francisco and is using eggs to ‘poach’ engineers from Google and Facebook. How? Offering them a breakfast egg sandwich as they wait for the bus. Sometimes, the more simpler the marketing stunt, the most effective.

Rent your Software


Companies are coming up woth clever ideas to make sure you stay with them. Microsoft, Quickbooks and Adobe are allowing users to rent their software monthly. Some of the perks- up to date software, cloud storage, accessing information online or through mobile applications etc. This plan pays for itself if you buy these heavy priced programs every few years.

Quickbooks: Click here

Adobe: Click here

Microsoft: Click here

c/o BusinessWeek

Got Water?

Check out this clever for charity.

eProduct Photography Advertisement


‘Making Hair Come Alive’

Apolosophy, a hair product company,  stepped out of the box with this clever ad.

How did they do it? They used sensors to determine when the train was coming.

Next, I want to see commuter’s faces being incorporated into the advertisement.

c/o @Mashable