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Winter Beach Display

Marshall’s displayed this beach theme in the middle of winter. It was hard to picture a warm sunny day while the wind chill is below zero yet it put a smile on my face thinking of the warm summer days that will ultimately make an appearance.

eProduct Photography Marshalls Beach Display


An Eye for an Eye

Tom’s and Warby Parker are the major companies matching each purchase with a donation. It’s a clever marketing tool, allowing the customer to feel good and all wholesome inside for making a purchase. Target recently jumped on board going beyond shoes and glasses. This tactic is a selling tool yet it’s helping to change the world. I’m all for it.

eProduct Photography Target ; Eye for an Eye

Printing your Makeup?


Yes, you read it correctly. Printing your eye shadow is now possible using Mink. Click on link below to see a video of Mink and how it has the chance to impact the cosmetics industry.

YBUY – Sample Gadgets Before Purchase

Ybuy How-to Infographic FA

YBUY, backed by Google’s Eric Schmidt, is a subscription service that lets you sample a product each month for $24.95. If you decide you would like to buy the gadget, the $24.95 is applied to the purchase. It’s a smart way to give customers the opportunity to sample products before they buy it. Sounds like this would be a numbers game- the more customers they have, the higher chance for purchases, the more money can be made.  Let’s see how bog box electronic retailer’s respond to this.

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A Subscription for your Coffee


A new app called CUPS is now allowing subscribers to pay $45 a month for unlimited amount of coffee cups from independent coffee shops in NYC. Subscriptions is the hottest way to promote your product or service since it locks the customer in for the sale. $45 is not a bad price for unlimited coffee and can save you a lot of money especially if you’re a Starbucks fan. Great idea- benefits the customer as well as the local business owners.

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Google Offering Stock with out the Power


Google is now offering a new ‘C’ shares. In essence this gives the shareholder the right to invest in the company but they don’t get any votes. This is the way the Google founders hope to remain in control of their company with out having to answer to anyone. The most powerful company in the world does not have anyone to answer too- now that’s power.

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Buyer Beware

Bloomberg Businessweek had a great article on how states like Alaska and Wyoming are collecting taxes from out of state residents. It’s an interesting concept that when we buy gas or use state to state transportation, that state is making money. You are forever pay taxes.

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