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Increase Productivity with these Web Tools


Fast Company had an article about the unknown gems lying in cyber space. Here they are:

Myna:  recording, editing and mixing audio

Pixlr:  Photo editing – like Photoshop

Zamzar: Convert files from one format to another quickly Your chats in one place- Skype, GTalk, AIM, MSN and Facebook

SlideRocket: Creating Powerpoint- like presentations

CopyPasteCharacter: Copy and paste those hard to type characters such as  (©) and (®)

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High Fashion Women’s Wearable Tech


Fashionista, jewelry, techie and high fashion are all mixed into this line of jewelry by Cuff. Cuff developed a line of jewelry and accessories that would work interchangeably with Bluetooth. ‘It could be a high-end panic button, or just a way to tell someone where to meet for lunch.’ This gives women the opportunity to enjoy technology with out wearing a men’s clunky watch. For more information visit CNET

The Future of Retail

Perch created a brilliant display that transforms any surface into an interactive experience. By simply raising the shoe from the display table, a menu will pop up with items details, price, size avilablity etc.

You have to watch it to believe it

‘Products aren’t just thinks. They are servants’

“Products come with knowledge and services embedded within them. … Products aren’t just thinks. They are servants.”

— by Dave Gray, The Connected Company

What I love about this quote is the simplicity of it. Coming up with ideas and creating products to serve the masses is complicated. When you read this quote and constantly reflect back to it during that process, it helps you to gain perspective that will further prompt the creation of a true servant for yourself and for your customers.




The Power of Kickstarter

As explained by Mashable: The Ostrich Pillow looked like a squishy gray pumpkin with two openings at the top. It was designed to slip comfortably over the wearer’s head, offering a cozy “micro environment” for power naps. Thanks to a sophisticated Kickstarter campaign, a whimsical design and plenty of media coverage, the Ostrich Pillow was a hit, raising nearly $200,000 in pledges.

This product is very impressive because it solves a problem we never thought can be solved. How many times have you slept in a car, on a bus, or the subway and all you wanted was a pillow. The makers of the Ostrich Pillow incorporated everything their customer wanted into their product. How? By starting a Kickstarter campaign and using comments and feedback from their users to make it more innovative.

Kickstarter is a useful tool for raising capitol but the most powerful thing it does is give companies the opportunity to speak straight to their target market. This is fantastic for them  because companies can now get instant feedback from their users and ‘investors’ while making them feel a connection to the product. In short, Kickstarter gives users a sense of worth by including them in the process. When you give people power, you know that business will succeed.

Clever Way to Make Money


eProduct Photography

They have come up with yet another way coffee shops can make money on the most simplest items.  Most coffee shops would provide honey from a large bottle for free by the milk and sugar stand. This coffee shop is NY packaged the honey in such a way you wouldn’t think twice about buying. Hats off to you!

Simple is Better


It’s the simple ideas that turn heads