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Groupon Expands


Groupon is taking on the behemoth with their new self-serve deal tool. Instead of going through a salesperson, you can now post your items to Groupon at your own free will as if you were posting an item on eBay or Amazon. This will help bring back the attention Groupon has been losing as daily deals begin to fizzle.

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Look What I Found

eProduct Photography- Amazon

Look what I found in my local 7 11- an Amazon Locker. I love this idea because it gives everyone a chance to use the service- no door men, no mail box, no problem. Not only is the idea great, using it as an advertisement platform is even smarter. Looks like Naked is paying the rent for Amazon. Love it!

Amazing Amazon – Delivers Items before you Order it!

Jeff Bezos is pushing the bar yet again. A few months ago we heard that Amazon will allocate all advertising money to shipping so products arrive quicker to customers. Then we heard about drones that will deliver certain products with in a half hour. Now, Amazon wants to deliver products BEFORE you order it. Based on previous history, Amazon claims they can predict what items we will buy. Most online shopping sites will recommend products to their customers through email or social networks. But never has a retailer come out and not only predict personal buying habits but actually ACT on those predictions. Essentially, they are beating their competition before the customer decides they even want the product. Amazon gets it:  they get it that they are a business, they get that they need to be on their toes, they get that anyone can put them out of business at any moment. Most of all, they get that they have to be on top of their game at every moment in order to stay in the game.   Amazon is brilliant in finding ways to make their user experience easy and care free by eliminating those nuances of shopping online.

And some people are uncomfortable with how much information Google has about us…

Three Things to Consider Before Launching a Product

I saw this article on Mashable. I summarized and added a few notes.

1. Make sure people want it make sure have a an base that it’s a real problem that people need solved. Hit the pavement. Speak to potential buyers potential users your target market. Creating a pro to type is also good. The lean startup by Eric ries states that starting a business is expensive and the way to make sure you don’t waste any money or time, see if there’s a market for it. Create the most simplest form of your product whether it be a  baby carriage or software. Break it down to the bare bones and see if consumer want it. Youll also get useful feedback. You might have thought your customers want one thing but they might just not care about that but something a lot simpler cheaper and easier to create. Eliminate any potential wasted energy

2. Create a buzz worthy story.  Captivate your customers w a story worthy of them repeating. As I had blogged about before and this article mentions it, warty Parker has created a brand so unique you want to tell people about it. Recommend to them to check out the store and visit their website.  The shave club created a brilliant video to help capture their consumer and it went viral. Hello flo did the same thing using a teenage girl experiencing her period for the first time.
3. Transparency tell your customers where you’re product is from and how it’s made. Educate them. Not only does it give them a better idea about you, your company and the product but it installs trust in your customer.
100% leather can only go a long way. If you show and prove to the customer that’s it’s purely leather they’ll be more likely to buy it. I’ve been seeing a lot more companies especially clothing companies showing the consumer how their product is created from the factories overseas to the final product in their ny showroom. Reminds me of Starbucks and how transparent they have always been. Starbucks is not a bad company to emulate.

The Power of Kickstarter

As explained by Mashable: The Ostrich Pillow looked like a squishy gray pumpkin with two openings at the top. It was designed to slip comfortably over the wearer’s head, offering a cozy “micro environment” for power naps. Thanks to a sophisticated Kickstarter campaign, a whimsical design and plenty of media coverage, the Ostrich Pillow was a hit, raising nearly $200,000 in pledges.

This product is very impressive because it solves a problem we never thought can be solved. How many times have you slept in a car, on a bus, or the subway and all you wanted was a pillow. The makers of the Ostrich Pillow incorporated everything their customer wanted into their product. How? By starting a Kickstarter campaign and using comments and feedback from their users to make it more innovative.

Kickstarter is a useful tool for raising capitol but the most powerful thing it does is give companies the opportunity to speak straight to their target market. This is fantastic for them  because companies can now get instant feedback from their users and ‘investors’ while making them feel a connection to the product. In short, Kickstarter gives users a sense of worth by including them in the process. When you give people power, you know that business will succeed.

Creating Compelling Marketing

Mashable has a great article about 5 business that have mastered content marketing.  The way to catch customer’s attention to your company’s website is to create a reason for them to look around. Zady, a clothing company helps connect the customer with the maker. They found a way to connect the customer with the product’s history.  This is a very different approach to business because they are making the supply chain apparent. According to the article, this increased sales.

Another company featured in the article is the upscale gym, Equinox. Instead of creating content inviting customers to their gym, they create content that everyone can relate too. They create videos based on their motto on how to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Jewelry Shoot

Here are some shots from our jewelry shoot couple of weeks ago. They’re intended for catalogue and ecommerce use.

eProductPhotography Jewelry Necklace

Jewelry Necklace

eProductPhotography Jewelry Bracelet

Jewelry Bracelet