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An Eye for an Eye

Tom’s and Warby Parker are the major companies matching each purchase with a donation. It’s a clever marketing tool, allowing the customer to feel good and all wholesome inside for making a purchase. Target recently jumped on board going beyond shoes and glasses. This tactic is a selling tool yet it’s helping to change the world. I’m all for it.

eProduct Photography Target ; Eye for an Eye


Printing your Makeup?


Yes, you read it correctly. Printing your eye shadow is now possible using Mink. Click on link below to see a video of Mink and how it has the chance to impact the cosmetics industry.

The Art of Negotiation

‘Don’t ask reality to conform to your blueprint, but transform your blueprint to adapt to reality.’

Michael Wheeler, The Art of Negotiation

‘Products aren’t just thinks. They are servants’

“Products come with knowledge and services embedded within them. … Products aren’t just thinks. They are servants.”

— by Dave Gray, The Connected Company

What I love about this quote is the simplicity of it. Coming up with ideas and creating products to serve the masses is complicated. When you read this quote and constantly reflect back to it during that process, it helps you to gain perspective that will further prompt the creation of a true servant for yourself and for your customers.




Meet the Man Behind Lady Gaga


There’s a great article by Fast Company about Troy Carter- the brain’s behind Eve and Lady Gaga. After being fired from both, Troy Carter built himself an empire in the music and tech world. He’s been broke and rich all in the same week and by overcoming adversary, he positioned himself as a well respected music producer, social media guru and a Silicon Valley VC. After being fired once he set himself up so that if one gig busts, he has plenty to lean on. Take the time to read this inspirational article: Troy Carter’s Plan A

Inspiration from an Unusual Source

NFL’ Seahawk’s deaf football star truly inspires by sharing his will to succeed.  You might actually shed a tear.

It’s a Duracell commercial?

Creating Space in a ‘Dead Market’

BusinessWeek featured an article about a DJ who took his passion and found a way to fill a unique empty space in the music industry. We take for granted the background music played in stores, offices and restaurants. Chris Golub gets paid to make sure you’re paying attention and responding to the music played at Chipotle’s restaurant. This article is unique because we hear so many times that the music industry doesn’t pay anymore (despite the billions of dollars being generated and invested daily). With that said, Chris Golub found a way to take his passion for music and generate a revenue by creating compelling playlists for Chipotle restaurants. What he did, in short was he found a niche in an industry once wrote off.