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We can all relate

Apple’s commercial called Misunderstood fills the gap between technology and being in the moment.


Pepsi’s ‘Real Life’ Bus Stop Ad

Video speaks for itself.

We Made the Cover

Our image made the cover of Community Magazine.

eProduct Photography Community Magazine

‘Making Hair Come Alive’

Apolosophy, a hair product company,  stepped out of the box with this clever ad.

How did they do it? They used sensors to determine when the train was coming.

Next, I want to see commuter’s faces being incorporated into the advertisement.

c/o @Mashable

And the Truth Comes out

Business graph and emotions

In his book I Will Teach you to be Rich, Ramit Sethi told a story that got me thinking:

A financial adviser send 1,000 emails to potential customers to promote his financial services. He promotes Stock A to 5,000 of those recipients and Stock B to the other 5,000 recipients. He promotes it as a ‘freebie email demonstrating my insider knowledge.’ After a few weeks, Stock A goes up. He then sends an email to those 5,000 recipents saying I told you so. But right before that, he splits the 5,000 and promotes a Stock C and D to each  half. When Stock C goes up, he emails those 2,500 demonstrating his ability.

I can only imagine how many call backs he got. This is kniving, yet brilliant. The intention of this post is not to promote unethical business practices, yet to start thinking outside the box and make a believer out of all your email recipients. (Of course, in the most ethical manner.)

Look What I Found

eProduct Photography- Amazon

Look what I found in my local 7 11- an Amazon Locker. I love this idea because it gives everyone a chance to use the service- no door men, no mail box, no problem. Not only is the idea great, using it as an advertisement platform is even smarter. Looks like Naked is paying the rent for Amazon. Love it!

‘Products aren’t just thinks. They are servants’

“Products come with knowledge and services embedded within them. … Products aren’t just thinks. They are servants.”

— by Dave Gray, The Connected Company

What I love about this quote is the simplicity of it. Coming up with ideas and creating products to serve the masses is complicated. When you read this quote and constantly reflect back to it during that process, it helps you to gain perspective that will further prompt the creation of a true servant for yourself and for your customers.