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The Power of Kickstarter

As explained by Mashable: The Ostrich Pillow looked like a squishy gray pumpkin with two openings at the top. It was designed to slip comfortably over the wearer’s head, offering a cozy “micro environment” for power naps. Thanks to a sophisticated Kickstarter campaign, a whimsical design and plenty of media coverage, the Ostrich Pillow was a hit, raising nearly $200,000 in pledges.

This product is very impressive because it solves a problem we never thought can be solved. How many times have you slept in a car, on a bus, or the subway and all you wanted was a pillow. The makers of the Ostrich Pillow incorporated everything their customer wanted into their product. How? By starting a Kickstarter campaign and using comments and feedback from their users to make it more innovative.

Kickstarter is a useful tool for raising capitol but the most powerful thing it does is give companies the opportunity to speak straight to their target market. This is fantastic for them  because companies can now get instant feedback from their users and ‘investors’ while making them feel a connection to the product. In short, Kickstarter gives users a sense of worth by including them in the process. When you give people power, you know that business will succeed.


Google Chrome Extensions


If your using Google Chrome, there are a few extensions that can help save time.

– Gmail Offline: Access your Gmail while offline.
– Boomerang: Schedule an email to be sent later.
– Evernote: Note taking application
– Mint: Take control of your money
– Polldaddy: Create polls
– Tweetdeck: Control multiple twitter accounts
– Weebly:  Website template
– Prezi: Business presentation
– Screen capture: Take picture of your screen, window or region of page
–  Sharing photos
– Cacoo: creating wireframes and shapes online
– Delicious:  Share information
– Readitlater: Save items to read later
– Shorten url’s

Reply or feel free to send any others you find useful

Online Collaboration

online Collaboration; eProduct Photography

Were in the digital age so there’s no reason to see  your employees anymore. Employers are hiring individuals  located in the next state or the next country. This making interaction frustrating and difficult. But there are plenty of websites and applications that help employers discuss and follow projects with their employees despite location. They help break the barrier .

– Google Plus Hangout

If you use any of these, let us know what you think.