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Printing your Makeup?


Yes, you read it correctly. Printing your eye shadow is now possible using Mink. Click on link below to see a video of Mink and how it has the chance to impact the cosmetics industry.


YBUY – Sample Gadgets Before Purchase

Ybuy How-to Infographic FA

YBUY, backed by Google’s Eric Schmidt, is a subscription service that lets you sample a product each month for $24.95. If you decide you would like to buy the gadget, the $24.95 is applied to the purchase. It’s a smart way to give customers the opportunity to sample products before they buy it. Sounds like this would be a numbers game- the more customers they have, the higher chance for purchases, the more money can be made.  Let’s see how bog box electronic retailer’s respond to this.

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Rent your Software


Companies are coming up woth clever ideas to make sure you stay with them. Microsoft, Quickbooks and Adobe are allowing users to rent their software monthly. Some of the perks- up to date software, cloud storage, accessing information online or through mobile applications etc. This plan pays for itself if you buy these heavy priced programs every few years.

Quickbooks: Click here

Adobe: Click here

Microsoft: Click here

c/o BusinessWeek

The Future of Retail

Perch created a brilliant display that transforms any surface into an interactive experience. By simply raising the shoe from the display table, a menu will pop up with items details, price, size avilablity etc.

You have to watch it to believe it

Recipe for Product Development


I was watching a business class on and the professor summed up his entire class in one sentence:

‘You have to produce and deliver something people want at prices and under conditions that are reasonably attractive.’

No pressure 🙂