The Most Unexpected Tool for Hiring


They used what? Eggs. Yes, eggs. BigCommerce opened in San Francisco and is using eggs to ‘poach’ engineers from Google and Facebook. How? Offering them a breakfast egg sandwich as they wait for the bus. Sometimes, the more simpler the marketing stunt, the most effective.


Google Offering Stock with out the Power


Google is now offering a new ‘C’ shares. In essence this gives the shareholder the right to invest in the company but they don’t get any votes. This is the way the Google founders hope to remain in control of their company with out having to answer to anyone. The most powerful company in the world does not have anyone to answer too- now that’s power.

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Mashable: 5 Ways to Follow Up Without Being Annoying

Mashable teaches us how to follow up with out getting on the recipients nerves.

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Buyer Beware

Bloomberg Businessweek had a great article on how states like Alaska and Wyoming are collecting taxes from out of state residents. It’s an interesting concept that when we buy gas or use state to state transportation, that state is making money. You are forever pay taxes.

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Network Better Without Business Cards


Inc had a great article by Kevin Daum on how to network with out a business card. Basically he says if someone asks you for your business card, say you don’t have one and ask for their information. Sometimes they will email their information on the spot. You can email them the next day instead of having your card probably getting lost. This will jumpstart the communication process

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We can all relate

Apple’s commercial called Misunderstood fills the gap between technology and being in the moment.

Pepsi’s ‘Real Life’ Bus Stop Ad

Video speaks for itself.