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Rent your Software


Companies are coming up woth clever ideas to make sure you stay with them. Microsoft, Quickbooks and Adobe are allowing users to rent their software monthly. Some of the perks- up to date software, cloud storage, accessing information online or through mobile applications etc. This plan pays for itself if you buy these heavy priced programs every few years.

Quickbooks: Click here

Adobe: Click here

Microsoft: Click here

c/o BusinessWeek


Songs of the Month

We all have certain songs we listen to for a month at a time and never listen again. Musi, a music application found a way for you to chew your ear off with your flavor’s of the month. Using Youtube videos, Musi will extract just the audio and create playlists for you with all your favorite songs. Internet connection is required. This is yet another way to prevent people from stealing songs. Legally, you can listen to your favorite songs for free and then move on to the next when ‘you’re over it’.  No complaints.

Wonder how quickly record execs will get on this with royally requirements.

4 Apps to Keep you Updated

In order to stay on top of the MANY things going on in the world, I use these 4 apps that serve its purpose.

1. Flipboard – social magazine publication. Can stream your social networks.

2. Google Currents – Let’s you read your favorite magazines.

3. Zite – A news reader that provides an individually personalized experience.

4. Feedly – Google News Reader’s ‘replacement.

Each app has its own nicely designed easy to use layout.  They are  free and most definitely worth a look at.

Let us know if you found a better app than these.

Charging Credit Cards with out a Credit Card Machine

Today, there are many ways to accept credit cards with out an actual credit card machine. My favorite 2 companies are Square and Jumio. Square sends you a piece to attach to your phone and using this piece you can swipe someone’s credit card. You have to use the Square app and funds are transferred to your bank account. Jumio works in the same way only you take a picture of the credit card. They also offer ID verification using the same process.

Google Chrome Extensions


If your using Google Chrome, there are a few extensions that can help save time.

– Gmail Offline: Access your Gmail while offline.
– Boomerang: Schedule an email to be sent later.
– Evernote: Note taking application
– Mint: Take control of your money
– Polldaddy: Create polls
– Tweetdeck: Control multiple twitter accounts
– Weebly:  Website template
– Prezi: Business presentation
– Screen capture: Take picture of your screen, window or region of page
–  Sharing photos
– Cacoo: creating wireframes and shapes online
– Delicious:  Share information
– Readitlater: Save items to read later
– Shorten url’s

Reply or feel free to send any others you find useful

Apps for Better Efficiency

Efficiency ; eProduct Photography

Getting organized is simple. Staying organized is a challenge. Thankfully, there are app that help us stay organized. Here are my favorite:

Remember the Milk
AwesomeNote (+Todo)
Week Calendar

Let us know which ones you use.